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Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Are you a Washington Avista electric customer? Would you like an EV charging station at your home or business?

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved an electric vehicle charging pilot program that allows Avista to gain an understanding of EV charging, how it may affect the grid and how it should be supported in the future. Through this pilot program, we will be installing 120 EV charging stations in homes and 80 stations at workplace and public locations over the next two years in our Eastern Washington service area.

Our program provides a hassle-free way to get an AC Level 2 charging station installed at your home or business. These systems provide charging 2 to 5 times faster than a standard 110 VAC outlet, adding convenience and flexibility for the EV driver. The charging station is owned and maintained by Avista requiring no payment from you for the charger, with a significant reimbursement of installation costs.  Customers will pay for the electricity use, and business owners can choose whether to require user fees for workplace and public installations.

In return, Avista asks only that you help us learn how to use energy wisely for electric cars in the future. Periodically, we’ll be asking for your feedback through surveys and conducting managed charging tests.

The data gathered from all of these charging stations will help us learn how to put less strain on the electric grid. This will help protect our environment and ensure that Avista can meet all of tomorrow’s energy demands – and at lower costs – when electric vehicles are commonplace.


Avista will provide and install an AC Level 2 charger for the first 120 Avista Washington electric residential customers who qualify. Residential customers will receive a reimbursement of 80% of installation costs up to a maximum of $1,000.

To apply for the electric vehicle charging program and install a charger in your home, please fill out the application below and send your completed form to Avista at Once reviewed, we will contact you with your eligibility. 

View the residential application.

Workplace and Public

Avista will provide qualifying business customers with an AC Level 2 charging station for the first 100 workplace and 45 port connections installed. We expect most charging stations in workplace and public locations to have 2 vehicle port connections per station, so that roughly 50 workplace and 23 public AC Level 2 installations at different locations are expected.

Workplace installations must make charging available to employees driving EVs, but may also be available to visitors and the public at the discretion of the business owner. Initially, priority will be given to those businesses with employees driving EVs to work, and that are participating in the program. This will help Avista understand how charging behavior changes when workplace charging is available to employees, and its effect on EV adoption.

Public charging stations must be available to the public and within a 5 minute walking distance of a major park, shopping area, restaurants, entertainment center and/or en route to a longer distance destination. Applications will be competitively evaluated for selection.

For both workplace and public installations, the site host can choose whether to require user fees for use of the charger. Avista will work with you to tailor your installation to fit your needs, and to help understand the costs and benefits of various options.

To apply for the electric vehicle charging program, please fill out the application below and send your completed form to Avista at Once reviewed, we will contact you with your eligibility.

View the business application.

DC Fast Chargers

As part of the pilot program, Avista plans to install DC Fast Chargers at 7 strategic locations in Eastern Washington. DC Fast Chargers greatly reduce charging times to as low as 15 minutes to significantly recharge the battery. For this reason, DC Fast Charging allows for convenient longer distance driving by all-electric vehicles.

The DC Fast Chargers will be in close proximity to major arterials and driver amenities.  Installations in Pullman, Rosalia, and Spokane are currently planned. After this, an evaluation will be made as to the location of the remaining four DC fast chargers.

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