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Buck-A-Block Solar Grant

 2016 Program Details

Since 2015, Avista has offered Grants for the installation of solar energy projects in order to further promote renewables and the Buck-A-Block program. Minimum requirements for eligible applicants include: non-residential buildings with preference to schools or non-profit organizations, geographic location of the array, along with community and educational exposure.

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An easy way you can support renewable energy without installing your own renewable system is by signing up for Buck-A-Block. For as little as $1 per month above and beyond your normal rates, your voluntary participation helps build a market for renewable energy and purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Avista does not profit from this program. Buck-A-Block energy is in addition to electricity Avista buys or generates to serve customers. Each $1 block purchased provides 300 kWh of RECs from these renewable sources. Learn more. Sign up.

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