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Renewable Energy Generation

We've been at this a long time. It all started with renewable energy more than a century ago. But we didn't stop with clean, efficient hydropower.

Avista's forward-thinking culture encourages new ideas, and that has kept us in the forefront of renewable energy throughout our history. Our Kettle Falls generating station was the first power plant of its kind when it was built in 1983. It produces electricity by burning wood waste from which every single useful scrap has been used. Learn more about how Kettle Falls converts wood to watts.

Avista has been a leader in encouraging customers to use energy efficiently with programs spanning nearly 30 years. The most renewable kilowatt hour (kWh) might just be the one we don't use through improved energy efficiency and conservation.

We Offer Choices For Your Energy Resources

Today, there are a lot of options available for customers interested in renewable energy. From Avista's Buck-A-Block program to in-home generation or investing in an electric car, customers have choices in how to support renewables as a resource. With the Buck-A-Block Solar Grant program, there's now an opportunity for Avista's non-residential customers as well.


For as little as $1 per month above and beyond your normal rates, your voluntary participation helps build a market for renewable energy, support community projects and purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Avista does not profit from this program. Learn more. Sign up.

Buck-A-Block Solar Grant

Recently, Avista has established a grant program for solar energy projects installed at non-residential building sites. There are a limited number of single grants available of no more than $70,000 per approved project. In order to qualify, your project must be a new placement of solar power on locally owned, non-residential building sites. School districts are preferred; however, other non-residential entities may apply. Learn more.

We're Here To Help You Generate Your Own Energy

If you're interested in generating your own electricity, we've put together some information to help guide you through the process. Contacting us early in the planning is important, as it can become complicated, depending on your situation. For Washington customers, a renewable generation incentive (RGI) is available when you install your own renewable energy systems, like solar panels, wind turbines or anaerobic digesters. Learn more. Are you thinking about going solar? Try our online solar estimator.

Electric Car

Avista is generating renewable energy through solar panels that we've installed on the roof of our corporate building in Spokane. Our goal is to generate enough clean, renewable energy using solar panels to power our two plug-in cars. Check out the energy generated by our electric cars to date.

Evolving Energy News

Your source for more information on how you can help build a market for renewable energy and support community-based projects.

  • 2014 Evolving Energy Newsletter (PDF)
  • 2013 Evolving Energy Newsletter (PDF)

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