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Here at Avista, we take safety seriously. Avista customers installing distributed generation and interconnecting to our system must ensure their system is built to state and local codes.

It may be beneficial to contact your home insurance company and your local fire department to verify any additional safety concerns.

During maintenance or outages, Avista crews require a visible disconnect from generation sources. The visible disconnect is important because generators could cause back feed on the power lines. Back feed is when your system generates electricity outwards during an electrical outage. Back feed can create a dangerous situation for our workers and the public. A blade disconnect is useful during maintenance on either Avista's system or your own facilities to isolate them from each other. If a blade disconnect is not available to isolate the facilities, pulling the meter will be required. Avista will perform testing to verify the generation system will not continue to operate and cause back feed during loss of utility power. The testing is conducted on site during meter installation.

In brief, blade disconnects installed on distributed generation systems provide the following benefits:

  • A safer working environment for Avista crews preventing back feed from generation sources.
  • Provides an easy means for homeowners or contractors to work on their generation system while isolated from utility power.
  • Provide a source for visible disconnect other than removing customer meter during maintenance which causes total loss of power to home.

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