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Renewable generation is a popular topic in our world today and there is a wealth of information to be found on the subject. Avista is here to support you through the process from beginning to end. There are many factors to consider before you embark on the path to generating your own renewable energy. Some helpful tips and links can be found below.

  • Do your research. Care should be taken to ensure the information you receive is accurate and applicable to your specific location. For example, a solar photovoltaic system's output can vary widely based on factors including direction, angle, shading, and location among many others. General figures are useful as a first estimate, but a more detailed site-specific examination should be part of any renewable energy decision.
  • Hire an experienced contractor. Installing renewable generation is a complicated process, especially if you have no prior experience. An experienced contractor can help you avoid frustration, delays, and extra expenses.
  • Involve Avista early in your project. We're here to help. Once you have decided to install your own renewable generation, we strive to make the interconnection process run as smoothly as possible. Contacting Avista and submitting your application early in the process can help ensure a quick and safe installation. The best practice to reduce surprises or slowdowns is to submit your application and receive approval before you obtain your equipment or begin your installation. In some cases, utility upgrades may be required before installation can be completed.

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