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Once you have decided to install your own renewable generation, we strive to make the interconnection process run as smoothly as possible. Contacting Avista and submitting your application early in the process can help ensure a quick and safe installation. The best practice to reduce surprises or slowdowns is to submit your application and receive approval before you obtain your equipment or begin your installation. In some cases, utility upgrades may be required before installation can be completed.

Is solar right for your home or business?

Start by using the solar estimator tool to find out if your home or business is a good candidate for solar.

Interconnection with Avista

Rooftop Solar and Net Metering. Net metering is the most common type of interconnection. Learn more about how it works.

Sizing Help

Calculating the size of your system depends on several factors. Learn more.


Federal and state incentives are available and differ by state. Learn more.

Ready to install

Steps to installation broken down. Learn more.

We take safety seriously

When installing and interconnecting to our system, the safety of you and others is important. Learn more.


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