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Natural Gas

This is what it takes.

It’s not easy to turn, say, a drop of water, a gust of wind or some colorless gas into a warm house or a tasty meal.

Yet, that’s what we do every day. And despite the intricacies involved, in the end it’s very simple. We work to make life better for the people of our communities. People like you. That’s all there is to it.

It starts far underground. Natural gas forms when organic matter decomposes deep in the earth. We purchase natural gas from suppliers who drill wells to extract the natural gas. It’s scrubbed at the wellhead to remove impurities and sent on its way down a system of interstate pipelines.

We take ownership of the odorless, colorless gas at a gate station, and that’s where we reduce the pressure and add that rotten egg smell. It’s a safety measure, so you’ll notice if a leak occurs.

From the gate station, we distribute gas over our 10,650 miles of pipe. And that’s how it comes to your furnace, stove or water heater.

It doesn’t end with the energy you use today, of course. Our infrastructure has to be ready to deliver the energy you’ll need tomorrow — right when you need it. We’re hard at work on that, too.

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