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Cover Sheet

Table of Contents

Service Territory

410 - General Residential Natural Gas Service

420 - General Natural Gas Service

424 - Large General and Industrial Natural Gas Service

440 - Interruptible Natural Gas Service for Large Commercial & Industrial Interruptible/Transportation

441 - Compressed Natural Gas Service

444 - Seasonal Natural Gas Service

447 - Special Contract Natural Gas Service

456 - Interruptible Transportation of Customer-Owned Natural Gas for Large Commercial and Industrial

460 - Tax Adjustment in Territory Served

461 - Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment Provision

462 - Gas Cost Rate Adjustment

466 - Conservation Investment Mechanism

469 - Public Purpose Funding Surcharge

475 - Decoupling Mechanism - Natural Gas

476 - Intervenor Funding Grants 

477 - Residual Deferral Amortization

478 - DSM Cost Recovery 

479 - Senate Bill 408 Amortization

485 - Avista Oregon Low Income Energy Efficiency Program

488 - Promotional Concessions

493 - Residential Low Income Rate Assistance Program (LIRAP)


Rule-01 Definitions

Rule-02 Description of Services

Rule-03 Application for Service

Rule-04 Contracts

Rule-05 Special Information Required on Forms

Rule-06 Establishment and Re-establishment of Credit

Rule-07 Deposits

Rule-08 Notices

Rule-09 Rendering and Payment of Bills

Rule-10 Disputed Bills

Rule-11 Discontinuance and Restoration of Service

Rule-12 Optional Rates and Information to be Provided the Public

Rule-13 Temporary Service Line Extension

Rule-14 Continuity of Service

Rule-15 Gas Main Extensions Line Extension

Rule-16 Service Connections and Facilities on Customer's Premises Line Extension

Rule-17 Measurement of Service

Rule-18 Meter Test and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error

Rule-19 Supply to Separate Premise and Resale

Rule-20 Miscellaneous Charges

Rule-21 Transportation of Customer-Owned Gas

Rule-22 Liquefied or Compressed Natural Gas


The following Margin Codes may be contained within the Tariff:
(C) Changed listing, condition, rule or regulation (condition change)
(D) Discontinued (deleted) material
(I) Signifies price increase
(M) Material moved from one sheet to another sheet, but within the same schedule or rule (for times when text is added or deleted causing repagination)
(N) New material
(R) Signifies price reduction
(T) Text change (but no change in price or condition)

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