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Your energy source.

When you turn on the reading lamp over your favorite chair, you may not think about what goes on behind the switch. And that’s okay. It’s our job to build and maintain the generation facilities, the transmission lines and the distribution system it takes to bring electricity to you.

Today, meeting the growing energy needs of customers requires a diverse mix of fuels to generate electricity. That means national fuel prices significantly affect our costs to generate and purchase electricity. The same holds true for electricity we purchase in the wholesale market since much of that power is generated by natural gas when demand for electricity is highest.

Also impacting the cost of electricity is the need to upgrade and expand our transmission system in order to reliably carry increasing amounts of energy, to replace aging distribution equipment to deliver electricity to homes and businesses, and to meet emerging state and federal environmental regulations. While how we produce and deliver electricity has expanded over our 125 years of service, our customers continue to experience some of the lowest prices in the nation.

Managing Through Rising Costs

Avista works hard every day to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep electric prices for customers as low as possible. We’re:

  • Using a disciplined strategy for purchasing natural gas to run our gas-fired generating plants.
  • Improving the efficiency of our generating plants, including our hydropower projects.
  • Offering a number of energy efficiency rebatesenergy saving advice and energy savings tools to help customers make wise energy choices that can reduce their energy consumption and impact monthly energy bills.
  • Our Home Energy Analyzer can perform a free home energy analysis and show how your home compares to others of similar size for energy use, offer you tips on how to improve your home energy efficiency, outline the top ways you can save energy - customized to your home - and more.

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