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A valuable resource - the cost of energy

You expect the lights to go on when you flip a switch. You expect your power to be reliable. Ensuring the reliable delivery of energy to our customers is at the core of what we do. It also plays a significant role in driving Avista’s costs.

Beyond the actual cost of purchasing or generating energy, there is cost associated with maintaining and improving equipment, technology and the overall infrastructure that allows Avista to provide you with efficient, safe and reliable power. We also plan for the costs of our investments that extend beyond aging equipment. Examples of this maintenance and planning include:

·         Replacing power lines, poles, transformers, substations and more, many of which have been in operation for 70 years

·         Upgrading hydroelectric turbines

·         Keeping vegetation clear of our more than 18,000 miles of power lines

·         Inspecting and maintaining over 240,000 wooden poles

·         Managing a transmission system that meets national reliability requirements and can carry additional power

·         Meeting an increasing number of state and federal mandates that cover a range of company operations, such as protecting the environment and delivering renewable energy

Over time, the cost of equipment has far exceeded the cost of the items being replaced. This significant difference is a major driver in the need for rate adjustments.


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