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Little Falls Powerhouse Redevelopment

Our Little Falls dam has been generating renewable, low-cost power for more than 100 years, with equipment ranging from 60 to more than 100 years old. This multi-year project is replacing the unreliable equipment and modernizing the station service so that we can continue to provide reliable service for our customers. Throughout 2014, some work was completed and modernization of equipment, systems, one of the four generating units and more is well underway in 2015.  




Nine Mile Redevelopment

We are in the midst of a multi-year project to rehabilitate the Nine Mile Powerhouse, which is 107-years-old. The project is underway to replace turbine-generator units, and other equipment that will increase the generation of clean, renewable, low-cost power.  In 2013, the last two (of four) original turbine-generating units were removed to make way for the new, more efficient units. Work in the powerhouse to install the new units began in 2014 along with a new warehouse, barge dock and crane pad.  



Natural Gas Pipe Replacement  

Avista continues a major project to systematically replace portions of older natural gas distribution pipe. The project is replacing hundreds of miles of natural gas pipeline to support a continuation of reliable service for our customers. In 2015, work will take place across all three states we serve, including Spokane, WA, Post Falls, ID, Lewiston, ID, Medford, OR and more. Learn more about this work and view all locations scheduled for 2015 here.



Customer Information System and Enterprise Asset Management System

Avista’s customer information system is the foundation of our day-to-day customer operations. The system touches all of our customers and supports traditional utility business functions, such as meter reading, customer billing, payment processing, credit, customer service orders and material management. For 20 years, the system has been meeting the needs of our customers and the company, but like pipe, wires and equipment, over time it needed to be replaced. Years of work and investment in technology led to the launch of the new system in early February 2015.

Washington Advanced Metering Infrastructure 

Avista continues to invest in modernizing our grid to meet current and future energy needs. In 2015, Avista is planning for the deployment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Washington. This multi-year AMI project includes installing advanced meters, beginning in 2016.

Advanced meters allow for two-way communication between Avista and customers. The technology creates the foundation for future customer benefits, including faster outage detection and restoration of service, plus near real-time energy use information and energy usage alerts. These capabilities will allow customers to better understand and manage their energy use.

Natural Gas Infrastructure in Oregon

Current efforts to systematically maintain and replace our natural gas infrastructure are underway across our service territory. This work is important to maintain the integrity of our system and so that we can continue to provide the reliable energy our customers expect. Two examples of projects in Oregon include:

·         Completion of a pipeline in southeast Medford to meet current and future natural gas delivery needs.

·         An upgrade to the Ladd Canyon Gate Station that is currently at its capacity, to accommodate growth.


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