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Understanding Your Bill and Weather Tips

Customer energy bills are typically highest in January and February. This winter’s sustained, record snow and cold temperatures in the Inland Northwest, along with holiday festivities, can result in more energy use.

Due to extreme weather conditions, it may have been impossible to access your meter to read it, which will result in an estimated bill.

  • An estimated bill is computer-generated based on a customer’s past usage history and computer models.
  • Check the Read Type field in the Current Reading Information section of your bill to determine if your bill is based on an actual meter reading or an estimate. If your meter was read, Actual will appear in the field. If your usage was estimated for the billing period, Estimate will appear in the field.
  • Estimated meter readings can be higher or lower than actual usage. However, bills will self-correct in the next billing cycle.
  • Customers do not pay for more energy than they actually use.

Winter Storm Information

The winter of 2008-2009 has left record levels of snow in the greater Spokane-Coeur d’Alene areas, creating challenges for everyone. We want to make sure you have the information you need to safely manage the energy use in your home or business. In addition, we’re partners with community agencies to provide assistance if you find you need help paying your energy bill this winter.

It's always best to be prepared.

Winters in our region can be unpredictable. We know that snow and cold temperatures will occur. But we never know when the power might go out. Being well prepared is the key to being safe and comfortable.

Winter is usually the time of your highest electric and natural gas bills, too. Making a few simple changes to your home or the way you use energy can help make a difference.

Download these helpful tip sheets for more information:

For information on energy efficiency rebates and incentives offered by Avista that can help you reduce your energy use, visit Every Little Bit.

For information about current outages, go here.

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