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Furnace Filter Program

What's your furnace filter style?

  • You've got this down like clockwork!
  • You remember every now and then.
  • You think about it only after a big dust storm.
  • What furnace filter?

We have a great solution to help you remember to change your furnace filter, even if you've got this like clockwork and you just want the convenience of doorstep delivery.

There are many great reasons to replace the air filter in your furnace including creating better operation and extending the life of your furnace as well as the benefit of reduced energy use and cleaner indoor air quality. You can even save unnecessary expenses that restricted air flow places on your furnace.

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Order the delivery of furnace filters directly to your doorstep.* First month free. Sign up. Receive an email reminder every three months with coupon codes from manufacturers for discounts. Sign up. Receive an email every three months with a gentle reminder to change your furnace filter. Sign up.

*From a certified vendor. There are other online options as some retailers offer recurring orders for products such as furnace filters.

Avista encourages the periodic replacement of furnace air filters. While Avista has a business relationship with a furnace filter vendor or vendors shown on this website, it does not endorse, either explicitly or implicitly, any particular vendor or vendor-related product. Avista assumes no responsibility for any decision you may make with respect to the replacement of your furnace air filter, including, without limitation, your choice of a vendor or a particular vendor product.

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