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A safe and efficient path to energy efficiency

Here’s an idea. You can do something good for your wallet and good for environment in one simple step.

Replace your incandescent light bulbs and with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) to light your vanity mirror, back porch, chandelier and a lot more to decrease your use by as much as 75 percent. Even better, CFLs last up to seven times longer than your old bulbs.

And speaking of the environment, CFLs are completely recyclable.

Here’s how:
CFLs can do what they do with the help of four milligrams of mercury, about one-fifth the amount of mercury in an average watch battery.

Since mercury is potentially harmful to humans and wildlife, Avista is doing our best to keep it away from you by distributing free containers to all private and county recycling centers for residential  electric customers in our service territory.

Find a recycling center, retail location or county waste station near you:

All you have to do is drop your used CFLs off and we’ll take it from there. Our program partners will recycle every component, including glass, aluminum and mercury-bearing phosphor powder.

Let’s work together to do right — for you and the world around us.

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