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Oregon Residential Rebates

Energy is part of our everyday lives—something many of us take for granted. But as the demand for energy continues to increase, along with our population and number of community businesses, Avista wants to ensure we’re meeting the demand for energy as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 

Avista offers incentives to encourage customers to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Avista is partnering with Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) to help you save energy starting January 1, 2017.

As part of a general rate case that closed in February 2016, the delivery of energy efficiency services for Avista’s Oregon customers will be transferred from Avista to Energy Trust of Oregon, an independent non-profit organization overseen by the Oregon Public Energy Utility Commission. Energy Trust will begin delivering services to Avista customers on a limited basis in 2016 with a pilot for a portion of residential customers. Broader services to all customer types will transition in 2017.

Avista is required by the OPUC to share customer information with the ETO. This information will be help in strict confidence by ETO. If you don’t want ETO to contact you about available incentives, you can opt-out of communications.

If you are an existing Avista customer working on a project, the Avista incentives for 2016 remain in place and your projects will not be impacted. Please continue to work directly with Avista on incentives and rebates until 2017.

Current residential gas equipment rebates and incentives

Click on the links below to be taken to the rebate page containing program eligibility and guidelines.

Residential Gas Equipment Rebates

To apply for the following rebates, download this form:

  Oregon High Efficiency Equipment Rebates

Rebate Incentive Eligibility and Guidelines
High Efficiency Forced Air Furnaces and Boilers $200 More information

Customized rebate programs

Click on the link below to be taken to the rebate page containing program eligibility and guidelines.

Weatherization Analysis Request (Insulation and Windows)
Rebate Incentive Eligibility and Guidelines

You may need to add insulation to your attic, floor or walls; or replace those leaky windows. If you use natural gas from Avista to heat your home, you may qualify for incentives. Specific eligibility requirements apply. Program ends 12/31/2016.

Weatherization Analysis Request (Insulation and Windows)

Attic Insulation $0.38 per square foot floor.

Floor Insulation $0.30 per square foot, up to $150.00.

Wall Insulation $0.38 per square foot.

Duct Insulation $0.75 per lineal foot.

Water Pipe Insulation $0.50 per lineal foot.

Windows U 0.28-0.30, $1.75 per square foot.

Windows U 0.27 or less, $4.00 per square foot.

Caulking and weather strip 50% of the cost (not to exceed $150.00)

More information

State Tax Credits for Equipment CFL

State tax credits for equipment

In addition to the rebates listed above, some equipment qualifies for Oregon state tax credits.

Find out more

State Tax Credit for Rental Home Weatherization Federal Tax Credit

State tax credit for rental home weatherization

In addition to the rebates listed above, some weatherization measures qualify for Oregon state tax credits.

Find out more

Locate an HVAC Dealer Locate an HVAC Contractor

Locate an HVAC contractor

If you need to locate a contractor to perform a service, we can help. We recommend shopping around and comparing contractors when you are in need of service, repair, or new equipment.

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Home Energy Advisor Home Energy Advisor

Want to know what's really going on in your home?

Our Online Energy Advisor can guide you in selecting high efficiency equipment and give you conservation tips.  

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