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Conservation Workshops

Energy Conservation & Efficiency Education

Educational workshops to learn how to conserve and use energy most efficiently are held throughout our Washington and Idaho service territories at meal sites, senior centers and non-profit organizations. Each attendee receives an energy conservation kit that includes home weatherizing supplies and energy savings ideas to use in their home. The free workshops focus on how to stay comfortable and safe while managing energy use.

Energy conservation workshops are held at various community venues. If you would like to schedule an event for your group, please contact Annette LongĀ at 509-495-8729 or Ana Matthews at 509-495-7979 or email Avista Outreach at:

Event Date Location
NARVE Group Retired Railroad

November 4, 2015
Wednesday at 1:30 pm

Timber Creek Buffet and Grill
Argonne and Montgomery
Spokane, WA
Silver Valley Seniors
Osburn, ID
November 9, 2015
Monday at 11:30 am
4th and Mullan
Osburn, ID
Silver Valley Seniors
Mullan, ID
November 11, 2015
Wednesday at 11:30 am
Morning Club
117 Hunter
Mullan, ID
Silver Valley Seniors
Wallace, ID
November 12, 2015
Thursday at 11:30 am
621 Cedar Ave.
Wallace, ID
Silver Valley Seniors
Pinehurst, ID
November 13, 2015
Friday at 11:30 am
Community Bible Church
310 E. Main
Pinehurst, ID
Silver Valley Seniors
Rose Lake, ID
November 17, 2015
Tuesday at 11:30 am
Rose Lake Sr. Center
14917 S. Queen Ave.
Roselake, ID
Corbin Sr. Center November 18, 2015
Wednesday at 11:00 am
827 W. Cleveland
Spokane, WA

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