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Gas Facilities Replacement Program
Investing in reliability for our customers

As part of Avista's ongoing commitment to maintaining and upgrading our natural gas system, Avista expects to invest nearly $22 million on nine major projects in 2017 across all three states we serve.

This investment is part of Avista's 20-year natural gas replacement program, which started in 2012. The program is focused on replacing hundreds of miles of natural gas pipeline that was installed prior to 1987.

It's a significant investment in reliability for our customers.

The projects involve:

  • Replacing the natural gas main pipe.
  • Service tee transition rebuild (STTR). Rebuilding the natural gas service tee that connects your property's service to the main gas pipeline.
  • A short interruption of natural gas service may be required.

We will do our best to notify customers in advance of this interruption and will make it as convenient as possible to relight and restore service.

What can I expect if I'm a:

2017 major projects list:

Natural Gas Main Pipe Replacement
Location Project description Construction season dates Project cost in millions
South Eastern Lewiston 2.0 miles January 16 - March 20 > $1 M
South Spokane Valley West of Hwy. 27 6.28 miles April 1 - October 31 > $4 M
North Spokane 3.49 miles April 1 - July 31 < $2 M
Throughout Harrington 3.5 miles April 1 - September 31 > $2 M
Coeur d'Alene various locations 3.8 miles May 1 - October 31 < $3 M
Southeast Klamath Falls 8.06 miles April 1 - October 31 > $4 M
Northeast Klamath Falls .84 miles April 1 - October 31 < $1 M
East Medford .84 miles November 1 - December 15 < $1 M
Service Tee Transition Rebuild (STTR)
Location Project description Construction season dates Project cost in millions
Roseburg & Adjacent Towns 608 units Mid-February - March 30 > $1 M

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