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Natural Gas Meter Placement (WA & ID)

Here are some things you need to know about placement of natural gas meters in Washington and Idaho.

In addition to the minimum location requirements outlined in the drawing, meter sets should not be installed in the Piture f gas meter placement specificationsfollowing locations:

  1. Closer than 15 inches from either side of centerline of electric meter per NEC 110-26
  2. Where:
    - They are subject to vehicular or snow damage, excessive corrosion or vibration.
    - They are difficult to read or where regulator venting is limited such as within a porch, deck or enclosure.
    - They create a physical hazard.
    - They are in a drainage area.
  3. More than 3 feet from where the houseline exits the structure
  4. Where excessive condensation with be present or where live steam, hot liquid, or corrosive gases or vapor are present.
  5. In engine, boiler, heater, or electrical rooms.
  6. Under outside stairway or fire escape.

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