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Power Outages
If your power is out, click on the Report Electric Outage button below to report the outage. You can also report an outage on a mobile device at or through our automated phone system at (800) 227-9187.

Reporting an outage gives you the option to receive an automated call with outage updates.
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Current status of electric outages:

The location of reported outages is indicated by a red triangle on the map. You can access current information about an outage by hovering your mouse pointer over the red triangle. Zooming closely ( ) into a triangle will show in a highlighted box the approximate boundaries of the outage, including streets affected. Multiple clicks with your mouse pointer on a triangle will also show the approximate boundaries of an outage.

Although you may see that you are part of a current outage, it is important that you still report your outage to us.

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Outage Location   Approximate Affected Area  
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* Indicates an initial estimate based on past experience. The Estimated Restoration Time may change as more information becomes available, such as when a crew arrives and assesses the situation.

For more information on how we determine Estimated Restoration Time, click here.