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Something to think about.

What did you do today? You probably ate a meal, did a little business, maybe had some fun.

And more than likely, we were there.

It’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without energy. It’s the very engine that runs our economy. And then it does something as simple as shedding light on the stray piece of popcorn you dropped behind the sofa.

All the same, it’s easy to take energy for granted. But consider:

When the wheels of industry turn, when visitors flock to our communities to shop and see a show, when your dry cleaning is ready on time, energy makes it happen.

When you take in a baseball game on a summer evening or squeeze in one last run down the ski hill well after dark, energy makes it happen.

And when the kids’ slumber party settles in for yet another round of hot chocolate and "Toy Story," energy makes it happen.

We like that. We like being the company that delivers energy. For your life.


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