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Shared Value Reports

 Shared Value Reports

Shared Value – Shared Success

Building on a history of sustainable business practices, Avista broadens the perspective to report on how our strategic business practices create shared value for our utility and our stakeholders. This isn't new for Avista. We've always been purposeful in making the connection between our business strategies and the benefits our actions can have.

Innovative smart grid initiatives improve the reliability of our energy delivery and make our grid more energy efficient. At the same time, it means our customers experience fewer and shorter power outages and save money on their electric bills. Shared Value.

Our long-standing commitment to river stewardship, as part of our hydroelectric operations, means caring for the water as well as the habitat where the fish and wildlife live. The benefits include enhanced facilities and recreation opportunities for those who visit the waterways. Shared Value.

Bringing energy fairs to central locations in our communities gives us an opportunity to connect directly with customers and talk about ways to manage energy use and costs. It also gives us the chance to bring together community resources to help those who may need additional information about weatherization, jobs or other social services. Shared Value.


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