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Shared Value — Shared Success
High School Counselors And Teachers
Experience Life As An Apprentice At
The Jack Stewart Training Center
Avista is well-versed in providing opportunities
for professional development for its own
employees. But when it comes to helping
educators better understand the kinds of
opportunities there are for their students in the
utility field, our expertise was put to the test in
2012. During national Careers in Energy Week,
we opened our Jack Stewart Training Center
to high school counselors and teachers who
experienced life as an apprentice for the day.
The participants learned how electric crews
place ground wires on poles, position cross arms
and place poles in the ground. Our trainers
didn’t let them just stand around either — they
did the actual work with shovels, power drills,
hammers and ropes. Due to some unfriendly
high winds, rookies weren’t able to climb a pole,
but there were several who were interested.
Almost half of today’s energy workforce will be
retiring in the next decade. As technology within
the industry quickly increases, so does the need
for a tech-savvy workforce to support high-skill,
high-wage jobs. The right education and training
will provide men and women a rewarding, well-
paying career that benefits millions of people
every day.
A Training Partnership With The
Community College
Avista partners with Spokane Community
College to offer a course that provides an
introduction to the electric lineman field
through the
It is held at Avista’s Jack Stewart Training
Center, a 10-acre lineman training facility, and
is open to individuals interested in entry-level
positions leading to careers in the electric line
worker craft. Participants learn, through
hands-on and classroom experience, the skills
and knowledge required for the position of a
line crew helper.
Ongoing Professional
Development Opportunities
Training opportunities for employees at
Avista are delivered through instructor-led,
computer-based, field and workshop models
that include: craft, customer service,
environmental, natural gas, desktop,
warehouse, project management, gas for
non-gas workers, health and safety, leadership
development, electric, flagging/ forklift, line,
apprentice, journeyman, power resources,
hydro and power supply.
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