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Engaging Our Employees
Avista employee engagement — their level
of commitment to and satisfaction with
employment at Avista — is measured every
two years, beginning in 2006, in partnership
with the independent consulting firm Mercer.
Employee Engagement
* This level of employee engagement is 13 percent higher than the
norm for all
industries as measured
by Mercer.
A wide array of communication tools are used
to keep our employees informed about our
company, our industry and current trends in
the energy industry. These include electronic
and print newsletters and emails, issue-specific
information sheets, pre-packaged information
tools for managers, communications
leadership training and quarterly town hall
meetings with executives.
Who We Are
Board of Directors
• 3 females, 27 percent female*
• One of the 11 directors identifies as
Corporate Officers
• 3 females, 25 percent female
• No officers identify as a minority
• Of the top 5 executive officers, 2 are
• 30 percent female, 70 percent male
• 6.6 percent identify as a minority
* While the national activist group 2020 Women on Boards call for at
least 20 percent of public company directors to be women by the
year 2020, Avista already meets that standard. (Puget Sound
Business Journal, May 25-31, 2012)
Programs And Processes To
Ensure The Availability Of
Skilled Workforce
Avista Scholars Program
Avista partners with colleges and universities
throughout our three-state service territory
to provide several different scholarship
opportunities for students. The mission of
is to promote
excellence in the fields of math, science,
technology and engineering, leading students
to become innovators, problem solvers and
diverse, talented employees of our future.
Our Company
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