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The culture at Avista is based on integrity and
respect. We offer employees the chance to
enrich their careers through challenging and
meaningful work assignments and ongoing
training and development — all in an equal
opportunity workplace that is surrounded by
a supportive environment. Our success lies in
hiring talented people and setting them free
to pursue great ideas — ideas that engage the
imagination, stretch us all and ensure that
Avista continues to provide exemplary and
cost-effective service to our customers.
Our workforce reflects the communities we
serve — approximately 6.6 percent of our
employees system-wide identify themselves
as minority. Spokane County, home to our
headquarters and some 1,207 of our
employees, has approximately 9 percent
minority population in the work force.
Roughly 33 percent of our employees will be
eligible to retire in the next five years, and
48 percent will be eligible to retire in the next
10 years. However, we’ve planned for this
shift in our demographics, and through
professional development programs coupled
with careful succession planning, we continue
to develop our workforce to keep ideas fresh
and leadership strong. Avista does periodic
assessments of future retirement scenarios to
anticipate how to attract, retain and develop
critical talent needed for the continued
effective operation of the company.
Working At Avista
Local Hiring
In an ongoing effort to recruit qualified local
employees, we post positions on local job
web sites such as Worksource (WA) and
Idahoworks (ID) as well as through traditional
and social media channels
Craigslist and Linked In) and on our
In addition, we submit our external
job postings to more than 100 agencies across
Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana.
As appropriate, we also notify local schools
of student employment opportunities. Of the
12 executive level officers employed by Avista,
nine were hired locally (from within the Inland
Northwest region).
Collective Bargaining
At Avista, 40 percent of employees are
covered by collective bargaining agreements.
Avista employees are represented by the
International Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers, Local 659 (Oregon) and Local 77
Performance Reviews
All regular, non-bargaining unit employees
receive formal performance reviews on an
annual basis and updates at mid-year. Our
union employees receive periodic evaluations
as needed.
Supporting Military Service
It is Avista’s policy to grant military absence
and military time off without a break in service
time or benefits, as required by law and in
accordance with the needs of employees who
are members of the military service. Currently,
Avista has approximately 77 self-declared
veterans of military service, about 5 percent
of our work force. As the number of veterans
returning home from service increases, Avista
is actively working with local organizations to
identify opportunities to support veterans-to-
work initiatives.
In 2012 Avista staff participated in a U.S.
Chamber of Commerce “Hiring our Heroes”
hiring event, was presented with an Award
of Excellence from the Spokane VA Medical
Center and forged new relationships with
agencies that provide job-readiness services
to area veterans. The Avista recruiting team
speaks to local veterans groups about
transitioning their military experience to
energy-industry jobs. In October 2012, Avista
was one of the first utilities to organize a
special vets-only event during the national
“Careers in Energy Week.”
Our Company
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