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Our Purpose
To improve life’s quality with energy — safely,
reliably, responsibly.
Our Lasting Principles
Certain principles have stood the test of time
and remain deeply rooted in our company.
Every aspect of what we do is aligned with
these principles.
At Avista we are:
: Our word is reliable; we do
what is right.
: We continuously improve and
find ways to get things done better.
: We are respectful and are
at our best when working together.
Our Commitment To Diversity
Avista is enriched by the diversity of our
employees. We are committed to the goals
of Equal Employment Opportunity and
Affirmative Action, maintaining an
environment of acceptance and inclusion
for everyone in all aspects of our daily
operations. Our employees and our company
value diversity and mutual respect, and the
work place is free from harassment and
discrimination for employees, customers,
suppliers and other stakeholders in all aspects
of our daily operations.
Selected Company Statistics
(as of Dec. 31, 2012)
Avista Corp. total annual revenue
$ 1,547,000,000
Avista Corp. net income
$ 78,210,000
Avista Utilities number of employees
Number of customer accounts
Retail — electric
Commercial/industrial — electric
Retail — natural gas
Commercial/Industrial Natural Gas
Population of service area
1.6 million
Our Company
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