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A Message From Our Leadership
The next iteration of reporting targeted
sustainability, where the focus was on
outcomes of the company’s operations and
their impact on the triple bottom line
— environment, economy and society.
In our report, we shift to a new perspective
that demonstrates how our strategic business
interests, including philanthropy and
community involvement, create the
opportunity to bring value to our stakeholders
— shared value.
Building shared value frames our business
practices and our reporting. The key drivers
are the links between our corporate strategic
plans — opportunities that create economic
value for our company — and the positive
outcomes that also address societal needs
and challenges.
The Shared Value — Shared Success theme
reaches through the seven strategies that
frame our work:
Customer Engagement and Value
deliver more value to more customers and
strengthen engagement for mutual
Financial Performance
— Strengthen
financial performance to remain a healthy
company and an attractive investment;
Community Vitality
— Act through
partnerships and service to enhance
community vitality;
People and Performance
— Reinforce a
values-driven culture of employees who do
the right thing to help us succeed;
Safe and Reliable Infrastructure
— Invest in
our infrastructure to achieve optimum
life-cycle performance — safely, reliably and
at a fair price;
Responsible Resources
— Control a
portfolio of resources that responsibly meet
our long-term energy needs; and
Effective Regulatory Outcomes
— Drive
positive regulatory outcomes at the local,
state, regional and federal levels.
These activities are not new for Avista. We’ve
always been purposeful in making the
connection between Avista’s business
strategies and the benefits our actions can
have for customers and the communities
we serve. This report is our opportunity
to share with you the many ways in
which Avista continues to create
value for all our stakeholders,
while delivering reliable energy
services and the choices that
matter most to our customers.
Thank you for your interest in Avista and this
report. We hope that you will give us your
feedback on the report and that you will share
this report with others.
Scott L. Morris
Chairman, President and CEO Avista Corp.
Dennis Vermillion
President, Avista Utilities
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