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Safety And Health
A safe and healthy work environment is an
essential part of our commitment to all our
employees. Fortunately, we had no employee
fatalities as part of our 2012 operations.
Our focus continues to be on reducing the
rate of vehicle accident and lost-time incidents,
because we want every employee to go home
safely to his or her family at the end of
their shift.
Avista’s Central Safety Council is committed to
providing the safest workplace possible and a
safe environment for all of our employees,
their families and the communities we serve.
Safety information is reported quarterly to
Avista’s board of directors.
The Central Safety Council’s mission is to act
as a forum to provide leadership and direction
to the safety efforts; advocate the steps
needed to achieve safety goals; coordinate,
monitor and focus on safety and prevention;
and ensure proper action will be taken to
provide a safe and healthy work environment
for all our employees.
There are 37 location-specific safety
committees and safety chairmen throughout
the company.
Employee Health Preparedness
And Assistance
In the event of widespread illness, Avista has
a pandemic emergency plan in place that
includes work force, community and family
assistance elements. The plan was created to
provide employees with information, support
and policy guidance prior to, during and
following a regional pandemic event that
impacts our ability to provide services to our
communities. Coordinated response
procedures are instrumental in effectively
maintaining our customer services during a
long-term pandemic event.
In addition, employees and families receive
education, training, counseling, treatment and
prevention/risk control opportunities through
the Occupational Health Department and the
company health and wellness programs.
Avista maintains an on-site clinic in the main
office with occupational and safety
professionals available to serve all locations.
The company provides an Employee Assistance
Program, and a Health Reimbursement
Arrangement (HRA). And to foster ongoing
wellness, onsite exercise facilities are provided
in many work locations throughout our
service territory.
Health And Safety Topics Covered
In Formal Agreements With
Trade Unions
Avista has the intent and the commitment to
follow all federal, state and local health and
safety regulations and compliance programs.
We work with our craft representatives to
promote safety from the foremen to their
crews. Our Labor/Management Committee
meets quarterly or as needed to address
problems and concerns. A joint union/
management Safety Advisory Committee
addresses safety issues and works to address
safety concerns, including injury and incident
review and personal protective equipment
recommendations. The union contracts also
include grievance and arbitration language
to deal with safety concerns or complaints.
Policies And Requirements For
Health And Safety
Avista follows the requirements and guidance
of numerous regulatory agencies for employee
safety, including Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA), Washington
Division of Occupational Safety and Health
(DOSH), Oregon Department of Occupational
Safety and Health (OREOSHA), and the
Department of Transportation (DOT). Our
Safety Handbook includes an accident
prevention plan as well as safety rules and
practices for the different operating units.
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