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Opportunities For Continued
Learning And Professional
Aspiring Leaders Program
In its 10th year, the Aspiring Leaders Program
provides development for those employees
preparing to be considered for future
leadership roles. This one-year program
provides qualified employees exposure to a
variety of departments, training, mentoring
and includes a team project.
College Tuition Aid
The company provides tuition assistance of up
to $2,500 each year for undergraduate and
master’s level studies in programs that add to
employees’ performance and effectiveness in
present or foreseeable jobs within
the company.
Learning Center
Avista’s Learning Center was established in
1998 to promote lifelong learning for all
employees. The center focuses on being
proactive rather than reactive in terms of
training and learning opportunities. Resources
available include audio/video media, books,
journal/periodicals and self-study courses.
Workshops, Classes and
Development Programs
Avista offers a series of workshops and classes
that are open to all employees as part of an
overall professional and leadership
development program. Topics include
leadership enhancement, business process
improvement and change opportunities for
understanding more about the role of
leadership, utility strategies and operations
through programs offered by the Western
Energy Institute, American Gas Association,
Edison Electric Institute, University of Idaho,
Willamette University, Gonzaga University
and others.
Shared Value — Shared Success
Customer satisfaction is a value we hold
dear at Avista. So much so that we dedicate a
rotating team of employees nearly every month
to focus entirely on one point of customer
interaction. The teams work hard to simulate
the experience our customers have when they
encounter our utility. Whether that interaction
takes place in person, on the phone, through the
media or some other form of impression, every
interaction has an effect on our customers…and
we want it to be a good one.
The field training customer touch point team
recognized that while our employees do a great
job of interacting with our customers, there’s
still a need to refine the training they receive
to enhance our customers’ experience. A key
outcome of the work of this team included
specialized customer experience training for all
field personnel. Topics included communicating
effectively, being a responsive problem solver,
responding effectively to customer inquiries and
proactively engaging with customers.
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