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Avista Sun Car and Recharging Stations

Avista is currently testing two specially-designed plug-in Toyota Prius hybrids that have been retrofitted with additional battery capacity to extend vehicle range with stored electricity. We are offsetting the demand these cars will have on our base load with renewable power we’re generating through solar panels installed on the roof of our corporate headquarters building. These solar panels are typical residential panels which are produced in our home state of Washington.

The purposes of this project include:

  • To educate employees, customers and the public on the use of renewables, specifically solar power for residential use and for powering electric transportation; and
  • To test the impact to our system for power planning purposes as the public begins to adopt electric powered transportation, including implications of charging vehicles as part of smart grid planning.

Find out more about Avista’s Sun Car here.

We are also in the preliminary stages of testing electric car plug-in stations to help determine the demand for such service as electric cars are introduced into our region and the potential impact of this new demand on our resources and delivery systems.