Generation and Natural Resources

Founded on clean, renewable hydropower more than 120 years ago, Avista’s vision of environmental stewardship has always shaped our operations. From being one of the first utilities in the nation to hire a biologist, to building the first biomass power generating plant of its kind in 1983, to the signing of our Clark Fork Settlement Agreement in 1999—which led to the “Living License” under which we operate our Clark Fork Hydroelectric Projects, our vision of a greener future has helped guide us.

Today, Avista has a diverse energy portfolio, with the largest portion of our total generation (nearly 50 percent) still coming from hydropower. Avista’s Integrated Resource Plan, which is updated every two years, shows our long-term plans to meet customer demand throughout our service territory, while also meeting Washington State Renewable Portfolio Standards. Maintaining a diverse portfolio is a balancing act of providing reliable energy at the best cost for our customers, while being wise stewards of the environment at every level—from the rivers to the air that we all breathe.