Our Carbon Footprint

As one of the lowest emitters of C02 among the nation’s top energy producers, Avista is one of the greenest utilities in the country. Keeping our carbon footprint small isn’t just something we do; it’s a part of who we are as a company.

In the past half-century, while the U.S. population has nearly doubled, energy consumption has increased by 14-fold. Today, the average U.S. home has over 35 appliances plugged in at any given time, and there are 46 appliances typically available for use in people’s homes. Even though most of these appliances don’t seem to use much energy, the little things add up. One Plasma TV can draw about 600 kilowatt hours per year if used 5.5 hours a day, and a set-top box plugged-in all the time draws at least 30 kilowatts of energy every hour of every day, all year long.

At Avista, we recognize that any energy we conserve is energy we don’t have to generate or purchase. That means less impact on our natural resources, less dependency on fossil fuels, and fewer carbon emissions. It helps keep operating costs and the costs to our customers down, too. Because conservation and energy efficiency are so important, Avista has a strong commitment to leading by example for our customers and communities in our own recycling, energy efficiency and conservation efforts.