Dear Friends

Let’s talk about two thoughts: shared value and shared future. These concepts are integral to Avista’s work today and our planning for tomorrow. We’ve based this—our shared value report—on your desire to know more about what our company does and how we are working to provide essential energy services to our customers. This year, we’re taking our reporting one step further—to give you an even broader view of how we do business by building shared value for our customers, investors, employees and communities.

The evolution of our corporate responsibility reports is founded on the essential and required reporting we do to comply with rigorous state and federal compliance and mandates. Layering onto that is information about the sustainable business practices that have been the underpinnings of Avista’s service since our founding over 120 years ago—the environmental, economic and societal impacts of our business. Now, we’re adding a third element to our reporting that demonstrates how our strategic business interests bring value to the interests of our stakeholders.

These kinds of activities are not new for Avista, as you'll read about later in this report. The shift in perspective for our reporting, however, is important for both our company and our stakeholders. It’s more of a conscious connection of Avista’s business success with the benefits to the broader communities we serve. In other words, how Avista, in delivering reliable energy service and the choices that matter most to our customers, creates value for our customers, communities, investors and employees. It’s more than social responsibility, philanthropy or sustainability. Instead we believe adding the snapshots of how we help build shared value for our company and our stakeholders to our reporting will help us all be successful as we go into the future—together.

Scott Morris
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Avista Corp.