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Hydro Tours and Presentations

Avista has a one-hour hydropower presentation available for grades 4-6. The presentation features:

  • A three-dimensional scale model of a complete hydroelectric system, including a miniature hand-crank generator;
  • Ten-minute video on hydropower in the Northwest;
  • A slide show;
  • Paper cut-out models of a dam;
  • Question and answer session.

Information discussed includes:

  • How dams produce hydroelectric power;
  • The “hydrologic cycle”;
  • Renewable versus non-renewable sources of electrical generation;
  • The positive and negative impacts of hydroelectric power generation;
  • The importance of heeding warning signs and other public safety devices around dams.

Upon request, dam tours are available for Avista’s Post Falls, Upper Falls, Cabinet Gorge, Nine Mile, Noxon Rapids, and Long Lake hydroelectric dams. The best time to schedule a tour or presentation is April and May, during the spring. Scheduling a presentation prior to a tour works well.

To schedule a presentation and/or a tour, contact:

Mac Mikkelsen, Hydro Safety & Security
Phone: 800-727-9170 ext. 8759, or 509-495-8759


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