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Avista's Diverse Energy Mix

Our foundation for clean, reliable power

To make sure customers have the energy they need to power their lives and businesses, Avista uses different types of fuel to produce electricity. This energy mix is a combination of Avista-owned generating facilities and long-term contracts which are the foundation for providing our customers with clean, reliable power at fair, reasonable rates.

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Our diverse energy mix of resources provides a balance of reliability and renewable fuel sources like hydropower to the benefit of our customers. Avista's diverse energy mix also helps keep prices for our customers among the lowest in the nation among investor-owned utilities for our customers. And, it's also why Avista is ranked by the National Resource Defense Council in its “Benchmarking Air Emissions of the 100 Largest Electric Power Producers in the United States" as one of the cleanest utilities when it comes to greenhouse gases. And it's how we'll be able to continue to provide reliable energy to our customers - now, and well into the future.

  • Reliability - Having a diverse energy mix gives us maximum flexibility in generating and managing resources. Different generating resources like our hydropower projects, biomass, coal and natural gas plants can be used at different times and at varying capacities to provide the most reliable, cost-effective electricity to our customers. That's important to providing energy to customers when wind power is not available.
  • Cost - Our diverse energy mix also allows us to keep electricity rates as low as possible by providing flexibility to shift between generating resources when it makes economic sense. We can do that in two ways - by selling any excess electricity on the open market and by buying electricity when the market price is lower than it would cost to generate electricity using our plants. All of this works together to help ensure our customers continue to have some of the lowest electricity rates in the country. Learn more about how your Avista electric rates compare with rates of other investor-owned utilities.
  • Environment - In addition to being one of the cleanest utilities in the country when it comes to greenhouse gases, we exceeded our State of Washington mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) by upgrading our hydropower plants and securing a long-term wind contract. Our energy efficiency rebate programs and incentives for customers have saved more than 340 million kilowatt hours in from 2010-2013. That is enough energy to power almost 29,400 homes per year.

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