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Transmission Services

The Avista Corporation (Avista) Open Access Same-time Information System (OASIS) is part of the wesTTrans Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) group that covers much of the Western United States.  Avista offers firm and non-firm Transmission Services in the Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana areas of the Pacific Northwest. Applicable Ancillary Services, as defined by FERC, are available to Avista Transmission Customers. Please contact our OASIS Administrator by phone at (509) 495-4819 or by email at for further information on Transmission Services.

For details on Avista's compliance with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Standards of Conduct Rules, including implementation procedures, go to

The wesTTrans OASIS website can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

To access the Avista Transmission OASIS website, click on

All customers who wish to utilize Avista's transmission system (Long-Term Firm Point-to-Point (PTP), Short-Term Firm PTP, Non-Firm PTP, or Network Integration Transmission Services) are required to submit reservation requests via the OASIS.  Further instructions regarding applicable power scheduling and tagging protocols will be provided for all those who make the necessary arrangements.  Prior to submitting a reservation request for Transmission Service to Avista, a prospective Transmission Customer will need to register for access to the Avista OASIS.

Registration Requirements: New Customers

What You Need to Do:

All customers desiring to obtain Transmission Services from Avista will be required to use the OASIS to submit their requests for Transmission Services. All customers must take the following steps in order to become a registered user of Avista's OASIS:

  1. Obtain access to the Internet.
  2. Obtain a DUNS number unless you already have one to use. Note: If you have both a transmission division and a power marketing division in your company, each division will have to have it's own unique DUNS number.
  3. Register as a Transmission Customer on OATI webRegistry, using a unique company code.
  4. Register with OATI webCARESTM by following the instructions in the OATI webCARESTM registration document.
  5. Register your company with OATI by completing the OATI webOASIS Company Registration Form. Email the form to
  6. The OATI Support staff will process the requests during business hours (M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT).

IMPORTANT! Should you wish to have the ability to request and schedule firm or non-firm Transmission Services from Avista, please execute and return a Service Agreement for Short-Term Firm and Non-Firm PTP Transmission Services. This is an "umbrella" agreement, which enables you to reserve and schedule short-term firm and non-firm Transmission Services under Avista’s Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT).  Avista will create the Short Term Firm and Non-Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service Agreement with the eligible customers after the eligible customer completes the Short-Term Firm and Non-Firm Service Request Information Form (form can be found on under the Provider Information folder under Registration Procedures) and send the form to the Transmission Contracts Agent listed below.  Avista must receive an executed copy of this Service Agreement prior to enabling your company to reserve Transmission Services from Avista. 

IMPORTANT! Once you have completed the above steps, please contact Avista (Tracy Townley or Eva Hunt at 509-495-4819) and request to be added to Avista's List of Users. Avista will then perform the necessary steps to authorize you to submit transmission requests via the OASIS.

IMPORTANT! A Short-Term Firm and Non-Firm PTP Transmission Services Agreement must also be in place for a customer to request Long-Term Firm Transmission Service or Network Integration Transmission Service through Avista's OASIS.  The request must also be followed up with a written application and appropriate deposit before the application will be accepted.

Additional instructions to properly use Avista's OASIS, as well as specific steps to take to obtain Transmission and Ancillary Services pursuant to Avista’s OATT, are available upon request.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either Tracy Townley or Eva Hunt (OASIS and scheduling inquiries) or Kenny Dillon or Randy Gnaedinger (Firm and Non-Firm Transmission Services Agreement inquiries).

Tracy Townley
Transmission Services Analyst
(509) 495-4819

Eva Hunt
Transmission Services Analyst
(509) 495-4819

Kenny Dillon
Transmission Contracts Engineer
(509) 495-4436

Randy Gnaedinger
Transmission Contracts Engineer
(509) 495-2047

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