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We’re from here. Our Legacy

Not all companies capture the character of a place. Many operate, quite successfully, apart from their surroundings.

But another kind of company reflects the very communities in which it does business. It enriches and is enriched by the people and the landscape, never losing sight of its connection to
a story that extends far beyond itself. View Our Legacy.

Avista is such a company.

Indeed, it was founded in direct response to local needs. Faced with increasing demand for electricity in the booming young city of Spokane Falls, Washington (as it was then called), trustees of the Edison Electric Illuminating Company sought funding from their backers in New York to build a power station on the Spokane River. Their request was denied because, they were told, water power held little or no value. Not so easily dissuaded, 10 stockholders opted to found The Washington Water Power Company — today known as Avista — and proceeded with the project themselves. The year was 1889.

That decision began a long tradition of company and community joining forces to advance the economy, care for the natural resources, and promote the appealing quality of life of the Inland Northwest.

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