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Throughout the procurement process, every effort is made to identify, develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. Initial supplier contacts are typically made through the procurement organization with the assigned representative.

Suppliers are encouraged to pre-arrange visits with Avista’s representatives. All suppliers must check-in with security upon arrival and are not allowed free access to company facilities.

Suppliers are asked to manage deliveries to our specific required dates. Services are to be completed within the quality and time parameters agreed upon and the on-time delivery of quality products consistent with our specifications.

Avista maintains information on approved suppliers as well as others who may be eligible to meet Avista’s procurement needs. In certain areas, suppliers are formally pre-qualified to ensure a rapid response to service-related emergency contracting requirements.

Potential suppliers are invited to provide Avista with information concerning their interest and qualifications. Downloaded and returned a pre-qualification questionnaire (PDF) to Avista for evaluation. Avista will use the information provided to screen applicants and develop approved bidders lists as opportunities are identified. Avista will not reimburse any respondent for any costs incurred in connection with the preparation and submission of requested information.

All information received by Avista from potential suppliers with respect to their interest and qualification is treated as confidential information.

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