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Bidding and Contracting

Avista is committed to contracting via competitive bidding processes to the maximum extent practical.

Generally speaking, Avista will select potential bidders on the basis of qualifications, resources and capabilities, prior experience with work of the type and magnitude contemplated, and financial strength. Avista reserves the right to determine the content of its bidders lists. Inclusion of a supplier on any Avista bidders list is not a guarantee on Avista’s part that any contract will be awarded. Avista reserves the right to issue Requests for Proposal (RFPs) or requests for quotation to suppliers that have not submitted a pre-qualification questionnaire (PDF), at its discretion. 

Avista does not generally advertise for bids on the procurement of goods or services. When a procurement requirement is identified, RFPs will be issued to the appropriate bidders list. RFPs are by invitation only.

In the case of service-related proposals, bidders will generally be asked to provide a narrative describing their particular approach, qualifications and expertise related to the performance of a specific scope of work. Bidders must generally agree, in their proposal, to obtain and maintain, for the term of the contract, minimum levels of liability insurance specified in the RFP. Finally, bidders will be asked to accept Avista’s standard general contract conditions, also included in the RFP.

Bidders are required to submit a cost or pricing proposal in a format specified in the RFP. We expect your best bid the first time with any exceptions clearly noted. Suppliers are encouraged to present their products and services at prices that reflect the current competitive market. Alternate bids may be submitted but should be made in addition to a base bid which meets the required specification requirements.

All proposals are privately opened. All proposals are considered confidential information and the property of the bidder and Avista. Evaluation and award will be based on a combination of price and any other factors deemed pertinent by Avista.

Avista reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to disregard all non-conforming, non-responsive, or conditional proposals and to award any select portion of a proposal or to cancel the contract award at any time for convenience.

Avista is dedicated to conducting its procurement practices in a manner which best serves its customers and shareholders. Avista believes that this will be accomplished by identifying, developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with qualified suppliers.

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