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Social Media Guidelines

Guidelines for Avista Utilities Social Media Sites

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other Avista-owned sites (collectively “Social Media Sites”) are intended to be a useful exchange of information related to Avista Corp. (“Avista”) and Avista programs and services. As such, we encourage any and all questions and commentary, including criticism, but subject to these basic guidelines:

Rules of Engagement: We ask that when you provide feedback or ask questions that you do so in a civil and respectful manner and that you abide by the specific posting guidelines on each Social Media Site which prohibit, among other things, "personal attack"(s).

Page Moderation: Please be advised that if you post inflammatory, negative and/or disruptive messages that violate the Avista guidelines you will have your posts removed and you will may be banned or blocked from the page or channel.

Infringement: All content and information you post on one of our Social Media Sites must not infringe on someone else’s copyright or other proprietary right. You are solely responsible for any copyright infringement as a result of your posting.

Banning/Blocking: We reserve the right to block individuals from posting to our Social Media Sites or channels if an individual violates these guidelines.

Removal of Posts: In addition to conforming to the specific Facebook guidelines for community participation, Avista will, at the moderator´s discretion, remove any posts and/or comments that are determined to:

  • contain spam
  • contain solicitations or advertisements or marketing content that is not authorized by Avista
  • contain harassing, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist, sexist, discriminatory or hateful content
  • contain deceptive, misleading, potentially harmful or factually unsupported content
  • contain links not authorized and/or approved by Avista
  • be "off-topic" and/or unrelated to the original post made by either Avista or a member of the community
  • contain private, personal or sensitive information about individuals (i.e. account information)
  • encourage illegal action

External Links Disclaimer

The appearance of hyperlinks or the information, products or services contained in a hyperlink on a Social Media Site does not constitute Avista’s endorsement of that site and Avista does not exercise any editorial control over the information found at these sites. In addition, any opinions expressed in posts by users on a Social Media Site do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Avista or any of its affiliates.

Social Media Terms of Service

In addition to these guidelines, the following Terms of Service apply to the various sites which you must also comply with:

Facebook terms of service also apply to all activity in Facebook

YouTube Community Guidelines also apply to all activity in YouTube

Twitter Rules also apply to all activity in Twitter

Instagram Community Guidelines also apply to all activity on Instagram.

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