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Spokane River News from Avista

Avista works hard to be a good steward of our area's natural resources, while also meeting the energy needs of our customers safely and reliably. The Spokane River runs through the heart of Spokane and surrounding communities, and we want to keep you informed about our operations andView our current issue environmental activities related to our Spokane River Hydroelectric Project.

We have several ways to get news out about our dams on the Spokane River.

Spokane River Newsletter

Avista's annual Spokane River Newsletter will introduce you to some of the people who work to take care of our natural resources and help our hydroelectric dams on the Spokane River continue to be reliable sources of energy now and into the future. Learn more about current projects and activities affecting operations at our dams, recreation, safety, and natural resources.

To subscribe to the newsletter, send an e-mail request to Or, click on a link below to browse past editions of the newsletter and learn something new about the projects we work on every day.



Part of our stewardship is educating the public about recreation, water quality, cultural and natural resources related to our Spokane River Project. We develop and work with others to collaborate on brochures, interpretative materials and other communications about these issues. Our recent publications are listed below.

Spokane River Handouts and Brochures

Spokane River Project Recreational Opportunities brochure   

Help Us Protect the Cultural Resources and History of Our Region brochure

Spokane River Fisheries brochure

Lake Spokane and Nine Mile Reservoir Aquatic Weeds brochure

Spokane river news from Avista

We have an e-mail list for property owners and others who would like to receive e-mails with specific news and updates about our hydroelectric developments. To subscribe, send an e-mail request to

Lake and River levels

For current information on Spokane River flows and Lake Spokane's elevation (includes anticipated changes in flow and elevation for the coming week), call (509) 495-8043.

For current information on Spokane River flows and Coeur d'Alene Lake's elevation (includes anticipated changes in flow and elevation for the coming week), call (208) 769-1357.

You can also check the flow and elevation at

Avista Blog

The Avista blog is a great resource for current and past articles about our hydroelectric facilities and environmental stewardship.

Avista media room

For media inquiries and news releases, view the Avista media room.

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