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Contacts and Links

The Spokane River Project License implementation team includes the following:

Environmental Department:

Elvin “Speed” Fitzhugh, Spokane River License Manager, (509) 495-4998
David Armes, Terrestrial Resource Specialist, (509) 495-2796
Yelena Goloborodko, Compliance Coordinator, (509) 495-4486
Meghan Lunney, Aquatic Resource Specialist, (509) 495-4643
Chris Moan, Fisheries Habitat Biologist, (509) 495-4084
Robin Bekkedahl, Sr. Environmental Scientist, (509) 495-8657
Tim Vore, Environmental Specialist, (509) 495-8612
Rene’ Wiley, Recreation, Land Use and Cultural Resources Coordinator, (509) 495- 2919


Alexis Alexander, Spokane River Manager, (509) 495-4603
Steve Lentini, Hydro Operations Engineer, (509) 495-4573
Pat Maher, Senior Hydro Operation Engineer II, (509) 495-4283*
PJ Henscheid, Manager Mechanical Engineer, (509) 495-4323
Steve Wenke, Chief Generation Engineer, (509) 495-4197

*For more information on Lake Spokane or lake and river levels, please call Pat Maher at (509) 495-4283.

The following links page was created to provide a connection with the various Spokane River stakeholders and agency partners that we work with as we implement our License requirements.
Spokane River Project Stakeholders’ Links

Coeur d’Alene Tribe Natural Resources –

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality –

Idaho Department of Water Resources –

Idaho Department of Fish and Game –

Idaho Parks and Recreation –

Heyburn State Park –

Idaho State Department of Agriculture –

Spokane Tribe –

Washington Department of Ecology –

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife –

Washington Department of Natural Resources –

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission –

Spokane County Conservation District –

Spokane River Association –

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