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Renewable Energy

Customer Renewable Energy Choices

There are a lot of options available for customers interested in renewable energy. From Avista's Buck-A-Block program to in-home generation or investing in an electric car, customers have choices in how to support renewables as a resource. Learn more.

Avista Renewable Energy Generation

We support the use of renewable resources and have long shown leadership in energy production from renewables. Currently, there are five main types of renewable energy: wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and solar. Learn more about how they work.

Integrated Resource Plans

Planning is integral to everything we do at Avista, and it is especially important in determining how to meet the future energy needs of our customers. Central to this effort is a process called the Integrated Resource Plan, or IRP. You can think of the IRP as a roadmap for how we will meet the energy needs of our customers 20 years into the future using a diverse energy mix. Electric and natural gas IRPs are filed with the state public utility commissions every two years. Learn more.

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