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License Implementation

In 1999, Avista and 26 other parties signed the Clark Fork Settlement Agreement, setting the course for over 40 years of protection, mitigation, and enhancement of natural resources in the lower Clark Fork Lake Pend Oreille Area. The Settlement Agreement became part of Avista’s federal license to operate Cabinet Gorge and Noxon Rapids, which together are called the Clark Fork Project. Our license implementation work ranges from endangered species protection and land conservation to recreation site maintenance. Employees at our Noxon Natural Resources Office in Montana working with our stakeholders have made significant strides since 1999 in the protection, mitigation and enhancement of fish and wildlife populations and associated habitats within the lower Clark Fork River – Lake Pend Oreille basin.

On an annual basis, no later than April 15 of each year, Avista submits an Annual Report and Annual Implementation Plans detailing the year's upcoming projects. The most recent reports were filed with FERC on April 11, 2017. 

Projects are identified annually, and are reviewed by committees of stakeholders, who continue to share their knowledge and move implementation forward. Committee meetings are open to the public.

Upcoming meetings include:

Key license implementation documents are available from Avista. Please contact Lisa Vollertsen at or call our Noxon Natural Resource Office at (406) 847-1288 for information.

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