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Nov 23 , 2010
Post and video by Dan Kolbet
We created this Power Supply video, shown below, last March when we filed for rate adjustments in our General Rate cases in Washington and Idaho. Now that both cases have come to their respective conclusions, this video serves as a good reminder of what you're paying for with the adjusted rates.  
See more: Washington rate adjustments, Idaho rate adjustments
Power Supply video
Published: 11/23/2010  9:34 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Nov 17 , 2010
Potlatch video
Post & Video by Dan Kolbet

Yesterday I met up with several Avista electric line crews restoring power near Potlatch, Idaho. This video shows the clean up and restoration effort along Hwy 95. The audio quality is really pretty poor, sorry about that – but it shows just how windy it was out there even hours after the main storm had passed. At one point my camera even blew over – go figure.

When I left the site last night, new steel poles had been delivered and were being erected. Avista estimates that power should be restored to the majority of customers in the area by this evening, but smaller pockets of customers may remain without power. Avista crews will continue to work until all customers have been returned to service. Customers are urged to contact Avista late this evening at 1(800)227-9187 if their power has not been restored, as there may be damage to nearby power lines, which has yet to be reported.

Shelter opened in Potlatch for residents without power
The City of Potlatch, Idaho has opened a warming shelter in the city for area residents who remain without power from Monday night’s wind storm. The shelter is located at Eastern Star’s Rebekah Hall on Pine Street in Potlatch. Avista is partnering with the City of Potlatch and Latah County Disaster Services to coordinate this effort.

The shelter is heated and will offer food and beverages to those in need. The shelter opened early Wednesday morning and is tentatively scheduled to remain open until at least 8 p.m. tonight. For more information about the shelter, please contact Sandy Rollins, Latah County Disaster Services at (208)883-2265 or (509)330-0676.
Published: 11/17/2010  2:33 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Nov 09 , 2010
Wind and solar video
At the end of each video a sharing menu appears, making it simple and easy to get the word out
Energy on the Street sharing options
At the end of each video this menu appears with several
options for sharing, including e-mail, Facebook, Twitter,
Google, Blogger, Wordpress and more.
Post by Dan Kolbet

Thousands of you have already browsed Energy On The Street, our interactive customer engagement video project where we get answers to your most pressing questions. Earlier this month we added six new video Q&As, featuring topics such as rates, generation, rebates, renewables and bills. Today, 18 videos are available for you to view.
You can help spread the word about Energy on the Street by watching your favorite video and sharing it. Here’s how it works – at the end of each video a black and gray menu appears on screen with several options for sharing. (It looks like the image above). You can share the link through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Blogger, Wordpress and more.
We still want to hear from you. E-mail us at to send in a question.
Published: 11/9/2010  4:19 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Oct 20 , 2010
Energy Vampires! Spooky!
I have energy vampires living at my house. How about you?
Spooky stuff!
Post by Dan Kolbet

I finally got up the Halloween decorations this weekend. Usually we take out the pumpkins, cob webs and other scary stuff about a month before the big day, but this year it just wasn’t a top priority for me. Nonetheless, I got it done last weekend.

My daughter, who is in the first grade helped me hang up the, albeit modest, decorations.. As you might expect, the discussion quickly turned to what she is going to be for Halloween. This conversation actually started months ago. I faintly remember her wanting to be a “Witch-Fairy-Kitty,” whatever the heck that is. We even bought her some of the pieces for a “Witch-Fairy-Kitty” costume, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how that’s all going to work.

If for no other reason than to simplify her costume creation – I convinced her to be a vampire! But not just any vampire – an energy vampire! I know it sounds dorky, but she’s in the first grade, everything is kind of dorky.

An energy vampire is something the sucks power/electricity when it’s actually turned off. For example, a large stereo, cable box, DVR – or even your coffee pot could be an energy vampire.

We’re still working on the costume, but I imagine it’ll involve fangs, face paint, a black cape and a power cord. The picture at the top is just the beginning. I’ll post a picture when the costume is finished.

We answered a customer question about vampire power, also known as parasitic power/load for Energy on the Street recently. Check out my co-worker Tom Lienhard’s answer.

Vampire power Energy on the Street Video
Published: 10/20/2010  11:25 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Oct 07 , 2010
Powermongers video
Post by Dan Kolbet

Are you a fan of Energy Efficiency? I am. Really. Here’s how: I went to and became a fan. So it’s official. Pretty cool.
My favorite feature on the new Facebook page is the “Powermongers” tab. The video at the top of this blog post will tell you all you need to know about this group. Five housemates. One power bill. Four have a common goal: save energy. But one likes to waste it. Will they discover the Powermonger in time?

Can you tell who it is? Watch the video and find out. See anything familiar from your home?

If you’re an energy efficiency fan, you can also order a free Powermonger Awareness Kit which features a T-Shirt, CFL, poster, energy efficiency tips and other cool stuff.

It’s worth a look for sure. Check it out:
FB like iframe
Published: 10/7/2010  1:53 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Sep 24 , 2010
Play video
Post by Dan Kolbet
Energy on the Street
Where does renewable power come from?
Avista Stadium is powered 100% by renewable energy through Avista's Block-a-Block program. Where does that energy come from? (0:37)
This video is just one of the Energy on the Street customer questions and Avista answers. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit this interactive website. It launched on Sept. 1. We'll be adding more videos to the website in October.
Find out what your neighbors are asking about at Energy on the Street.
Published: 9/24/2010  4:24 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Sep 15 , 2010
plau video
Post and video by Dan Kolbet

In late August four teams of Avista electric linemen participated in the annual internal Pole Top Rescue competition. Teams competed to rescue “Joe” who had come into electrical contact on the top of a pole.

The teams weren’t just racing for the best time, but were also being judged on communication, climbing, handling the victim, checking vital signs and activities on the ground, such as CPR.

The winning team advanced onto the prelims and then hopefully to the state finals.

These sorts of exercises stress the importance of safety on the job and reiterate the necessary skills that every lineman practices in case of an emergency in the field. 

Watch the video to check out the sights and sounds of the competition.
Published: 9/15/2010  2:23 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Aug 31 , 2010
Play video
Avista crews compete in pole-top rescue
Post by Dan Kolbet
Just a quick little video. I was invited by Avista’s Safety and Health department to our training center today to watch our crews compete in an internal, pole-top rescue competition. They compete to rescue a co-worker who is stuck in some way at the top of a utility pole.
They actually let me up in a bucket truck to shoot it (preceded by a safety briefing and a securely fit harness). Pretty cool.  I’ll get the full video loaded in a day or two, but wanted to let everyone know it’s coming.
Published: 8/31/2010  12:37 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Aug 17 , 2010
play video
Post by Dan Kolbet

Hey, everyone. I wanted to share a quick clip of the video I took on the Spokane River last week.

This video shows the removal and relocation of accumulated rock, gravel and sediment at Monroe Street Dam. The crane grabs the materials and places them over the dam and back into the river. This material is the stuff that naturally flows downriver, but collects behind the dam.

My co-worker Communications Manager Anna Scarlett told me that analytical results of materials sampled back in July indicated that sediments were within Washington’s acceptable standards for contaminants. Relocation of the materials over the spillway back into the river is required by federal and state permits to operate the project, and redistributing the materials back into the river will allow them to continue to serve as a potential gravel source for spawning habitat in the Spokane River system.

More work on the river will continue in the next few weeks as we study whether channel modifications can be made to enhance aesthetic flows in the north and middle channels during periods of low river flow.
Published: 8/17/2010  2:10 PM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

Aug 12 , 2010
811 video, click to play
These guys always call before they dig.
Three of the fine gentlemen I met at Home Depot
who visited Avista's educational stations.
Post and video by Dan Kolbet

Yesterday was National 811 Awareness Day. Avista and the Spokane Valley Home Depot celebrated this day of safety with an in-store event. Avista staffed three booths throughout the store, each focusing on a different element of 811 and reminding us all to call two days before you dig on your property.

In the couple of hours I was there, Home Depot customers were visiting the booths and getting their “passports” signed. Visitors earned a T-Shirt for visiting two booths. Home Depot also donated a nice BBQ grill as a raffle prize.

Check out this minute and a half video about the event, featuring Operations Tech Alicia Gibbs. And remember to always call before you dig.
Published: 8/12/2010  8:04 AM | 0  Comments | 0  Links to this post

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