Oct 20 , 2009
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Any business owner knows that the cost of energy is a significant part of a monthly budget. Thankfully we just announced some new energy efficiency rebates for commercial customers that might just help trim that budget line item.

Oregon commercial customers can now receive rebates from $200 to $3,000 installing ENERGY STAR commercial kitchen equipment and dishwashers or for installing high efficiency natural gas furnaces. New incentives are also available for commercial insulation measures and refrigeration night curtains. In addition, Avista offers rebates and incentives for site-specific energy efficiency improvements made to commercial operations such as businesses, schools, and public facilities.

What’s cool about these new rebates is that Oregon customers already understand the value of energy efficiency. Just last year residential, commercial and industrial Avista customers in the state received more than 3,300 rebates and incentives totaling $850,000. Through the programs, customers reduced their energy use by over 287,000 therms of natural gas – that’s about the amount of natural gas used by almost 475 residential customers in one year. That’s good stuff.

Commercial and residential customers can find more information about energy efficiency rebates at www.everylittlebit.com.
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Aug 20 , 2009
Today we announced we’re working to launch two new efforts centered on energy efficiency. One proposal concerns energy efficiency audits for residential and small business customers. The other is a revolving loan fund for energy efficiency projects.

These proposals work in tandem. Part one offers customers an in-home and in-business energy audits done by a certified energy auditor. The second part involves a revolving, low-interest loan fund to complement Avista’s energy efficiency incentives and federal tax credits, as a means to finance recommended energy efficiency upgrades. For now, we’re calling these proposals the energy efficiency audit and financing project.

The low-interest loan project was submitted to the State of Washington as part of the State Energy Program funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The loan program would be administered by the Sustainable Local Investment Partnership (SLIP), a non-profit partnership of area credit unions and banks. Avista would not receive dollars from the grant.

The energy efficiency audit program is a partnership between Avista, Spokane County and the cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley. The partnership will support the training and deployment of certified energy efficiency auditors to homes and small-businesses served by Avista. The government contributions would be matched by Avista dollar-for-dollar.

We expect to hear back from the State of Washington in September. So watch this blog for more information as it becomes available.
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Aug 03 , 2009
On Friday I received an e-mail from Robert, an Avista customer, who asked this: “We are putting new windows in our home and we are wondering if there is rebate/rate benefits for certain type windows. If so what do we do?”

Answer: We make it pretty easy to find what rebates are available for you on our website www.everylittlebit.com. Just click on the House of Rebates. You’ll see a graphic of a house with little red circles on it. Click on the circles – the one for windows is on the front window of the house – to get details on rebates on that area of your home. Rebates and incentives are listed by state, so make sure you’re looking at the appropriate one.

Commercial customers can also find rebates and incentives on www.everylittlebit.com, but should click on Efficiency Avenue.

It’s a good idea to check out the rebate forms before you make a purchase. We have certain standards for efficiency for just about everything. You wouldn’t want to buy an item expecting a rebate, only to find out it doesn’t qualify for the program. Make sure to save your receipts too, as you’ll need them when you send in your rebate form.

Some professional contractors or retail stores may have the rebate details concerning their products, but just to be safe, do your homework on www.everylittlebit.com first to be an informed shopper to get the best deal.

Good luck and happy, efficient shopping.
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