Major maintenance underway at Coyote Springs 2   

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Coyote Springs 2 images
Coyote Springs 2 is combined cycle generation plant that uses natural gas and steam

Avista’s generation unit at Coyote Springs has been disassembled since May 4 as major overhauls take place for the first time since the plant was built. The springtime timing is beneficial, since the maintenance requires the combined cycle plant to be offline during work.

Coyote Springs 2, near Boardman, Oregon is a combined cycle generation facility because it has a gas turbine that exhausts waste heat into a heat recovery steam generator, which provides steam to a steam turbine.  Each turbine has its own generator that sends the electricity produced to the generator step-up transformer.

Portland General Electric Company owns Unit 1 and oversees daily general operations and maintenance activities for both units. Avista owns Unit 2 and does special projects and major maintenance for Unit 2, including this one.

The project involves overhauling the natural gas and steam turbines in Unit 2 as part of scheduled major maintenance work, required at regular intervals in the plant’s life. Avista’s thermal engineering group is coordinating the project and some of the work is being performed by Avista’s mechanical structural crews. 

“This is the first time some parts of the steam turbine have been disassembled since it went in service on July 1, 2003,” Andy Vickers, Manager of Generation & Substation Support, said.

See photos of the dissassembled steam and natural gas unit in the slideshow above.

Reassembly is taking place over the next couple of weeks, and the unit is expected to be back online by the end of June.
Posted by  System Account  on  6/12/2012
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