Facebook makes a 25-year photo connection   

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Bucket trucks - 25 years apart
The photo on the left was taken last week at our Mission Campus, while the photo on the right was taken 25
years ago on Spokane's South Hill. A retiree saw the photo on the left on Avista's Facebook page and dug
into his photo archives for the image on the right he took 25 years ago. Cool connection.

Post by Dan Kolbet

Earlier this week Avista employee Scott Steele snapped the photo on the left of a bucket truck at the Mission Campus testing its boom. Our electric crews do this test each morning before heading out to a job site for safety. We posted the picture on the Avista Utilities Facebook page that same day and received more than a dozen likes (thumbs up) on the picture in just a few hours.

The picture reminded Washington Water Power/Avista retiree Dick Waitt, a frequent Avista Facebook contributor, of a photograph he took about 25 years ago. That photo is on the right. Waitt took the picture as a WWP crew was making final adjustments to one of the line switches in the tap to the Glenrose Substation on Spokane's South Hill.

Pictures of bucket trucks (even these nice ones) are pretty common, but the story of sharing them through a social network is pretty new and, you have to admit, pretty cool too.

These sort of photographs tell a story that we just can’t say in words. It’s our employees working to serve you now and for more than 120 years.

Take snappy pictures related to energy in the Northwest?
We’d love to see them. Conversation@avistautilities.com
Posted by  System Account  on  5/17/2012
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