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It could be as easy as making a small commitment to energy efficiency
Avista, KREM 2’s Project Green and Toyota have teamed up again in support of energy efficiency with one lucky person winning a new Prius C donated by Toyota.

For a chance to win the Prius C, donated by Toyota, viewers need to watch for the daily keyword during KREM news broadcasts from April 9 to May 23, and then enter the keywords at KREM.com. Avista customers can get two bonus entries by making a commitment to energy efficiency at everylittlebit.com and by “liking” Every Little Bit on Facebook. The deadline for entries is May 23 with the drawing on May 31.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase customer awareness and engagement in the importance of energy efficiency. For over 30 years, Avista has been helping customers become more energy efficient by offering programs and rebates to make home improvements and by providing valuable tools such as our online energy advisor. When it comes to energy, Avista knows efficiency matters and every little bit adds up.

Our region’s energy needs are growing, but building or purchasing new sources of` power including renewable energy isn’t cheap. Energy efficiency costs half the amount of generating new power and is the best approach to maximizing our existing resources.

KREM 2 Project Green showcases the company’s concern for the environment regarding energy efficiency, recycling and transportation. Toyota, which donated the Prius C, is proud to be constantly striving to provide the best possible driving experience while using the smallest amount of our natural resources. It’s a great partnership.

While just one person will win the Prius C, everyone participating in the campaign will be an energy efficiency winner. Through KREM news coverage about the importance of energy efficiency and information on Avista’s everylittlebit.com site about rebates and energy savings tips, viewers and customers can learn how to better manage their energy use.
Posted by  System Account  on  4/16/2012
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