North Spokane Wind Storm & Power Outage Restoration Feb. 22, 2012   

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outage video
Post & video by Dan Kolbet
Avista crews battle the wind to restore power to North Spokane neighborhood on February 22, 2012. A tree branch came into contact with a power line, damaging the equipment. Crews made a temporary fix and routed power around the damaged insulator, then moved on to the next outage. When winds calm, we'll come back and fix the insulator permanently.
Our crews do this work for you, regardless of weather conditions. A neighboring homeowner even brought out a plate of treats for the crew - very nice of her.
The video is set to the tune of "Dust in the Wind," sad song, but fitting for such a windy, dusty day!
Posted by  System Account  on  2/24/2012
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