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High winds are coming, track and report outages online and on mobile devices

High winds are in our forecast tonight and Wednesday and that could mean power outages. If your power does go out, did you know that you can easily report and track outages from a mobile device or online at 

Reporting an Outage
To report on outage from your mobile device, just enter in the browser. The Avista website detects when a customer is using a mobile browser and automatically redirects to our mobile website. Then click on Report Electric Outage. From a computer go to, and click on the Power Outage link on the home page.

Tracking Outages
Tracking outages is just as easy, plus you’ll see real-time information on all reported Avista power outages. From a mobile device, enter in the browser and then click View Outage Status. From a computer, click on the Power Outage link on the homepage, then click List View.
Selecting List View will take to you to all reported electric outages in a geographic area. Click on an area and you’ll find out about each reported incident – number of customers affected, reason for the outage, date and time it was reported, and estimated restoration time.
Want to know the location of an outage? Click on Map View anywhere within the Power Outage site and you’ll see a map with red triangles indicating each reported outage. Hovering over a triangle or clicking on it will give you the details of the outage. Zooming in on a triangle will take you to street level where the boundaries of the outage are indicated in a shaded area.
Information on an outage is updated as it becomes available, so check our website to stay abreast on the latest information.
Posted by  System Account  on  2/21/2012
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